What happens when the number of talented artists exceeds the amount of gallery space to exhibit them?

You take down your own art collection to free up walls for others, open up your home and invite the public in for a gander.

At least, that’s what artist and art collector Mike Baldock is doing. He’ll hold a free Fine Art Open House on Saturday and Sunday in his home near The Broadmoor.

“You go to a gallery, you have higher commissions,” Baldock said. “I won’t have to charge as high a commission. Artists have a house full of paintings and need an outlet. Even wealthy artists have a need to sell paintings to justify investing in time and materials. Every painting sold enhances the development of more art.”

The show will feature about 60 works, three apiece from abstract artists around the Pikes Peak region, including Mariam Brock, Nard Claar, Carol Dickerson, Lisa Fabiano, Marc Shereck, Suz Stovall and Sheary Clough Suiter. Photographer Joseph Liberti will display photos that look like abstract paintings. And sculptor Laszlo Palos, who welds junk together and makes “beautiful art,” Baldock said, will show a 5-foot Tyrannosaurus rex in the piano room.

Baldock also will show his impressionist abstract works. After retiring four years ago as a construction contractor, he began making pieces using construction materials such as wood fillers to provide texture. His first full show was at G44 Gallery in January, and he also was included in exhibits at Kreuser Gallery and Art111 Gallery and Art Supply.

“I’d like to think I’m innovative in doing stuff,” he said. “I’m not scared to make a mistake. I learn from each successful piece.”

Dickerson’s full-time art career began in a similar fashion. After retiring nine years ago as Colorado College library director, she plunged into learning about and making abstract art.

“If people aren’t familiar with art and haven’t tried to do things, (abstract art) might look easier than representational art,” she said. “But it’s an exercise in putting together color, line and form to create a compelling image that doesn’t necessarily relate to any physical object in the world. It all has to come from inside you, the artist.”

Baldock also intends the open house to be a practice run for opening his own gallery, something he hopes to do next summer in the basement of his home. He’ll fill it with his own work and that of other abstract artists.

“Abstract art is very popular and salable,” he said. “And it’s what I do and it’s what catches my eye. It’s amazing how people develop their style. You can walk into a gallery and say that’s a Suz Stovall. They change up their paintings, but there’s a certain style, especially those who have done it for many years, like all the artists in the show.”

Contact the writer: 636-0270

Contact the writer: 636-0270

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