Snow or no snow, Coloradans again can escape to a winter wonderland.

Despite the lack of precipitation and cold weather needed to build Ice Castles, it was such a success in Dillon last year that creators of the wondrous attraction decided to return this winter. Artisans will start their creation next month in the Summit County town, aiming to open by late December, says a Monday news release.

Tens of thousands of ticket-paying visitors are expected to view 25 million pounds of harvested ice forming glossy walls, pillars and archways that glow at night with all the colors of the LED lights installed within. Last year, kids flew down slides while couples kissed before a giant fountain that sent water dancing high. Orchestral Disney music filled the air.

Four years removed from its Colorado start in Breckenridge, Ice Castles chose Dillon’s Little League ball field as one of its North American sites in 2017. The locale off Interstate 70 credited the attraction with an economic windfall of $3 million.

The Utah-based company rose from one man’s backyard project. “It’s been a wild trip. It’s been miraculous in a way,” Brent Christensen told The Gazette last year, reflecting on that eye-catching cave he built for his six kids.

Ice Castles’ other locations will be in Midway, Utah; Stillwater, Minn.; Lincoln, N.H.; Lake Geneva, Wis.; and Edmonton, Alberta.

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