Colorado Springs cover band SofaKillers have built up their following since 2009 to now be popular enough to sell out the 500-person capacity Boot Barn Hall.

It’s a feat for a cover band, especially one made up of a bunch of guys with day jobs, to become big enough to play a venue like Boot Barn Hall.

The SofaKillers aren’t just playing the spacious venue. They’re filling it with people.

The band has performed at Boot Barn Hall four times since March and sold out each show.

Chances are, by the time you’re reading this, tickets for the band’s Friday show at Boot Barn Hall will be sold out.

This level of success is a far cry from when the group formed in 2009.

“We had to beg bars to let us play,” lead vocalist Tim Glenn said. “Now bars are begging us to play.”

Glenn and his bandmates stuck to it, building followings along the way at The Chicken Coop, Back East Bar and Johnny’s Navajo Hogan.

“Those kinds of places have been our bread and butter,” Glenn said. “That’s how we made our name for ourselves.”

Glenn has a theory on why music fans around the Pikes Peak region have latched onto a group that plays other people’s songs and doesn’t stick to any one genre or niche of music.

They like the variety in each set, ranging from tunes by Maroon 5 to Madonna to Tim McGraw to Toto. They like to dance and the SofaKillers play music you can dance to.

Plus, this is the kind of band that stands for something.

About a year after forming, they formed a set of bylaws outlining how members would conduct themselves at shows. Rules include not getting drunk or doing drugs and not cursing on stage.

“We’re strict about how we behave at our gigs,” Glenn said. “We clean up after ourselves and leave the place better than we found it.”

Glenn says that comes from hearing “horror stories” about how poorly musicians treat bars, their servers and customers.

“We decided we were going to set ourselves apart from everybody else,” he said.

That combination — treating fans to a high-energy show and treating places and people with respect — has paid off.

The SofaKillers are booked a year in advance. At this point, the group can be choosy about where to play.

“We’ve been blessed to have really dedicated fans that go wherever we go,” Glenn said. “Bars know when they book us, we’re going to bring a crowd.”

That’s how the SofaKillers got the attention of ViewHouse Eatery, which hosts the SofaKillers for two shows next week.

“When a new restaurant opens, they don’t know us,” Glenn said. “They wouldn’t have asked us to play if they didn’t know our reputation.”

Same goes for Boot Barn Hall. Glenn calls it “an absolute honor” to play the same stage as national touring acts.

“Colorado Springs doesn’t have many venues like this that are invested in live music,” he said. “For a lot of the places we play, live music is an afterthought.”

Not there.

“We’re not background music,” he said. “We’re the show.”

Shows have been different recently at Boot Barn Hall, which has set up tables for audience members in place of the usual open dance floor. Still, when Glenn sings, he sees people dancing next to their chairs.

That image reminds Glenn, who also makes his own original music, why he joined the band in the first place.

“A lot of people ask us about our name,” he said. “The idea is to get people off their sofas and out supporting local music.”

Glenn has a phrase for that. When people regularly go out to see local bands, he tells them, “You’re killing that sofa.”

“It’s bigger than us or one band,” he said. “The whole idea is to support this local music scene.”

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