Arianna Danielson (copy)

Colorado Springs designer Arianna Danielson.

Arianna Danielson is on her way to becoming an HGTV star.

In the latest episode of “Design Star: Next Gen,” the 29-year-old Colorado Springs-based designer teamed up with another contestant to renovate a city bus.

During the episode, which dropped Wednesday, contestants were tasked with turning unusual spaces — a bus, train caboose and plane — into appealing livable spaces. The judges were impressed enough with Danielson’s colorful bus makeover to keep her in the competition.

While there were plenty of stressful moments, Danielson said on Instagram that the episode was one of her favorites.

Danielson, who describes her style as “80s Drug Lord Meets Grandma Chic,” is one of five contestants remaining on the show, along with Denver resident Eli Hariton.

Over the next three episodes, the up-and-coming designers will show off their styles and skills while competing for $50,000 and their own HGTV show.

The next episode comes out Wednesday on Discovery+.

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