At least one of the seven sins will be on full display in Pueblo during this year’s much-modified Colorado State Fair.

In an act of pure gluttony, Joey Chestnut, the No. 1-ranked competitive eater in the world, will take on nemesis Darron Breeden, the world’s No. 4-ranked competitive eater, at the World Slopper-Eating Championship on Sept. 5 in Pueblo as part of the fair.

Up to eight competitors will challenge their bodies to do the hard work of ingesting and keeping down as many sloppers as possible in 8 minutes. Each half-pound slopper features a patty of Colorado beef covered with a slice of cheese and Pueblo green chile served on the bottom half of a hamburger bun.

Last year in Major League Eating’s inaugural slopper-eating contest, Breeden, from Orange, Va., set a world record by eating 28.25 messy burgers. The San Jose, Calif.,-based Chestnut will attempt to swipe the crown.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately if you recall the famous pie-eating scene from the 1986 film “Stand by Me,” the competition at the PB&T Bank Pavilion will be closed to the public due to the pandemic. The event will follow COVID-19 safety measures and can be viewed live online at 1 p.m. at

“The fair is an example of resilience during a difficult time and stands as the true spiritual home of slopper eating,” says Sam Barclay, a Major League Eating emcee. “The world’s greatest eaters will come hungrier than ever before.”

Contact the writer: 636-0270

Contact the writer: 636-0270

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