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Contemporary country band Old Dominion will perform Thursday at Weidner Field in downtown Colorado Springs.

Oft-repeated advice for those looking to reinvigorate a stale life: Cast your memory back to childhood.

Whatever you loved doing then is what you might love once again as an adult.

Trevor Rosen, guitarist and keyboardist for contemporary country band Old Dominion, is way ahead of the advice curve — he never stopped doing what he loved as a child. And we can agree it’s worked in his favor.

“I was fascinated with songwriting at a young age,” Rosen said from his home in Nashville, Tenn. “I remember being really young and hearing a song on the radio, and thinking how did somebody think that up when it didn’t exist? I got obsessed with it as a kid and started to do that.”

Decades later, that hasn’t changed — he loves to sit in a room with friends, play some chords and see if they can make up a song.

“It still fascinates me,” Rosen said.

Old Dominion will perform Thursday at Weidner Field.

Rosen had two great loves as a kid: songwriting and music and playing hockey. The latter trumped the former when he was younger, and he dreamed of playing in the NHL. But after college, his participation in the sport dwindled, and he started to consider different dreams.

A buddy from his hockey-playing days, who moved to Nashville and got a record deal, took a look at Rosen’s songs and told him he had the songwriting chops necessary to travel the same route. He and his new wife uprooted themselves from Michigan and headed to Music City.

“I’ve always been a little adventurous that way,” he said. “You get one go-around with this life, so I figure why not? What’s the worst that could happen?”

The worst didn’t happen at all. Nowadays his resume is littered with the names of big country musicians who sing his songs, including “Say You Do” by Dierks Bentley, “Sangria by Blake Shelton” and “I Met a Girl” by William Michael Morgan.

Rosen also serendipitously met Matthew Rosen, who had also moved to Nashville to pursue songwriting. Their styles gelled and they wrote together for many years before forming Old Dominion in 2007.

The band’s debut studio album, “Meat and Candy,” dropped in 2015, featuring the singles “Break Up With Him,” “Snapback” and “Song for Another Time.” Two years later, “Happy Endings” included the songs “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart,” “Written in the Sand” and “Hotel Key.” “Old Dominion” arrived in 2019 with the hit single “One Man Band.”

“Time, Tequila and Therapy,” their fourth album, is set to drop in early October. The five musicians approached the making of it a little differently this time , spending three weeks living together in Asheville, N.C. Every morning they woke up and wrote a song. After lunch, they recorded it. Soon enough, 13 songs were done, enough for an album.

“Lyrically, we’re a country band,” Rosen said. “We do some things lyrically that maybe push the envelope a little, or are outside the mainstream of country. But we’re a rock band, pop band, country band. We’re a music band. We’re part-Eagles, part-Foo Fighters, part-Weezer and part-Hal Ketchum. You throw them all into a pot and what it comes out sounding like is us.”

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