You might know Adam Cayton-Holland from his popular TruTV comedy, “Those Who Can’t,” now in its third season. Or perhaps you’ve read his memoir, “Tragedy Plus Time,” published in August by Simon & Schuster. The Denver native and member of the Grawlix comedy troupe (with Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy, his “Those Who Can’t” co-stars) also has released three comedy albums, “I Don’t Know If I Happy,” “Backyards” and “Adam Cayton-Holland Performs his Signature Bits.”

This guy stays busy. He and wife Katie have a 3-month-old son.

The multitalented Cayton-Holland, 38, has been performing stand-up comedy for 15 years and still loves it. He will bring his act to The Side Door on Saturday, with Denver comedian Geoff Tice and Pueblo-based John Bueno kicking things off.

Cayton-Holland said his jokes depend on what he’s going through at the moment.

”I write about my kiddo right now. And I’m a birdwatcher. I’m kind of known as the birding comedian,” he said. Cayton-Holland is not joking, there. He has headlined Colorado Audubon Society events.

What he doesn’t do is “bro comedy.”

”I think that you need to be thoughtful if you’re going to do incendiary topics. You have to ask yourself why you’re telling this joke,” Cayton-Holland said.

”Those Who Can’t” is set at the fictional Smoot High School in Denver. Cayton-Holland plays Spanish teacher and self-proclaimed “bon vivant” Loren Payton, who’s always getting into silly scrapes with his fellow teachers/buddies Orvedahl and Roy.

He has managed to stay humble despite his sitcom’s success.

”I’m just a homegrown artist trying to make it,” Cayton-Holland said. “It’s weird to toot your own horn.”

The show’s name is from George Bernard Shaw’s famous phrase “Remember those who can, do: those who can’t, teach.”

”We’re just sh-- — comics who teach. Lots of famous comics have gotten involved, like Patton Oswalt. It’s really a DIY success story that launched off of our web show. TruTV resurrected it, and it’s been a very cool Colorado story. Certainly Denver and the state at large has gotten behind it,” he said.

The show films in Los Angeles, but Cayton-Holland prefers to keep Denver his home base.

”As soon as we wrap, I get in my car and drive the 16 hours home,” he said. “I’m a Colorado dude through and through. I never made the jump to L.A.”

The Colorado Springs show will be a chance to experience Cayton-Holland’s down-to-earth humor up close and personal for about an hour. He encourages you to come.

”Tell people if they don’t come, my adorable little baby will go hungry,” he joked.


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