David Simpich will offer a free online video of “Portraits,” a full-length marionette production he recorded three years ago in his Old Colorado City theater.

For the first time, puppeteer David Simpich will release a full-length video of one of his main-stage marionette plays.

In response to this year’s Holy Week and Easter holiday falling during the COVID-19 pandemic, he’ll offer a free full-length video of “Portraits,” which was filmed three years ago in his Old Colorado City theater. For the last decade, Simpich has presented the religious-themed play every other year during Holy Week. You can find it online at simpich.com/theatre.

“Because you’ll see in the climax it’s an appropriate and special play for this week,” he says. “It is a play about people and people’s faces. The characters and faces in this performance are some of the people that have shaped me and held me up in my life.”

Simpich used Bible verse Isaiah 45:3 to frame his show.

“This is a play for seeing in the dark,” he says. “It’s a play about trusting the one that guides us when we can’t see exactly where we’re going.”

Contact the writer: 636-0270

Contact the writer: 636-0270

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