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Larry Valmore, whose background includes a master’s degree in social work and 15 years in a traditional therapy practice, now works as a coach specializing in the subconscious mind. He takes clients through a delta process to help loosen their grip on past painful experiences or decipher what an injury or illness might be trying to tell them.

Every so often, I get to make real-life contact with a reader of this column.

Larry Valmore is one of those people.

He wrote to me this summer after reading a treatise of mine from April, in which I moaned about the misery of making a wrong move while lifting weights and throwing my back out. At least, that’s what I’m calling it. I have no idea what it means to throw out your back, but it certainly seemed applicable.

In that same column, I wrote about listening to the messages from our bodies, and how sometimes they come wrapped in an ethereal whisper, and other times they present as a cacophonous rock band that won’t stop playing until you say “OK already, I’m paying attention.” My injury was of the latter denomination, but I’m still not sure what, if anything, it was trying to tell me. Maybe stop exercising? I jest.

From Valmore’s email, it sounded like he was on the same page.

“My own approach to this sort of thing, both with myself and my clients, is to check whether the pain or symptom is a kind of message from the Higher Self acting in cooperation with the subconscious mind. In other words, the Higher Self wants to communicate something important about what we’re thinking or how we’re behaving, and co-creates a pain or illness to get our attention,” wrote Valmore, whose background includes a master’s degree in social work and 15 years in a traditional therapy practice. He now works as a coach specializing in the subconscious mind.

Color me intrigued.

We met outside a coffee shop on a gorgeous September morning to go through his delta process, so named for the Greek letter delta, a triangle shape, which also is used in chemistry as a symbol to indicate change — which is, effectively, what Valmore hopes to facilitate for clients. The process works with the subconscious mind, which stores our beliefs and values and is responsible for memories. The process is said to help loosen our grip on past painful experiences or decipher what messages an injury or illness might be trying to tell us.

“It (subconscious) holds on to things as if it’s in the present moment,” said Valmore, who moved to Colorado Springs in 2013. “That’s why you can have post-traumatic stress disorder and flashbacks. From the conscious mind it seems like it’s in the past, but to the subconscious it’s living right now.”

Before we began, Valmore had me select a painful event from the past I wanted to work with and soften. It can be any sort of pain: physical or emotional, such as one that causes guilt or embarrassment, or is traumatic or semi-traumatic. And you don’t have to give him any details, though he’ll listen if you want to share. Most of his sessions are conducted online or over the phone.

After I decided what to work on — an emotionally painful experience, not the gym injury — he had me sit quietly with my eyes closed and fingers interlaced and placed at my belly. He had me visualize a spot at my heart center (right under my sternum), then imagine an imaginary line connecting that spot to a spot at my solar plexus (right above my navel), and then to the spot where I felt the emotional aftermath of the experience, which, for me, was right above my heart center. That third spot is wherever your illness, injury, disease or emotional pain lives in your body, so this is different for everyone.

With that visualization in place, Valmore guided me through simple in and out breaths: breathing in love while holding the experience or pain in mind, and breathing out fear. He has you repeat the breath cycles on your own until that third spot — where the feeling of the experience or the actual injury lives — begins to feel better or you feel some sort of resolution. You can go through as many delta processes as you need.

“... (it) works at the subconscious level of mind to change what the Higher Self is calling us to change,” wrote Valmore in his email.

While he can’t explain how it works or make any promises about healing, he believes in the process. You can reach Valmore at 303-204-4481.

“It’s rare that something doesn’t happen when we send somebody through a delta,” he said. “My wife and I use it daily.”

Contact the writer: 636-0270

Contact the writer: 636-0270

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