When it comes to beauty, Colorado is a stunner.

Photographers find it everywhere. And they showed what they found that’s 2020 “Quintessential Colorado.”

The annual competition brought 1,003 entries, picturing mountains and streams, wildlife, nature and more.

It was Colorado’s weather that drew photographer Jeffery Hudson, whose “Supercell in Eastern Colorado” was voted the grand- prize winner by those viewing entries online.

On July 9, he was storm chasing from Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, watching for a picture of a windmill with lightning flashes in the background. “I never expected to see a supercell develop before my eyes, causing lightning to crackle all over the sky.” He captured the image and “quickly drove away from the lightning,” noting that he had been at a safe distance when he took the photograph.

Hudson described, “the warm light seen on the supercell is from the city of Aurora being underneath and quickly fades to dark night as your view leaves the city.” He was shooting with a Nikon D7500.

Hudson, who recently moved to Salt Lake City from Centennial, has only chased two lightning storms, the second one in Utah. “I love nature, especially this part of the country,” he said. “All I want to do is show the world my point of view of Earth’s beauty.”

He has been doing photography since February 2019 and received a $500 gift card from Mike’s Camera as grand prize winner.

The professionals at Mike’s Camera, co-sponsor of the contest with The Gazette, selected 20 other top photos for $25 gift certificates.

Other winning photographers: Karen Wagner, Ashley Schmid, Ryan Busch, Jim Hunter, Kerry Demandante, Rowedean Doss, Arpit Bhatt, Mark Yoder, Chris Todd, Nate Dodge, Callie Riesling, Elaine Collins, Scott Phipps, Tina Berkstresser, James Hamilton, Suzy Lawshe, Madeline Beck, Thelma Chandler and Joseph Hunter.

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