They were there to “Catch the Spirit” of Olympic City USA and the completion of the modernized I-25 gateway sign offering the first glimpse of the city for those coming from the north.

The 500 donors and sponsors at an Oct. 11 red, white and blue Broadmoor luncheon had made the Olympic City USA sign a reality, and they celebrated with 80 athletes who shared their tables and provided demonstrations of several of the sports.

A longtime city entrance sign near the North Gate exit was updated with the city’s new brand, paid for by sponsors from throughout the community and business sector.

The luncheon was part of several years of special Olympic and Paralympic celebrations including the upcoming spring grand opening of the U.S. Olympic Museum near downtown.

Three Olympic Hall of Fame legends were among those featured: skater Peggy Fleming, speed skater Bonnie Blair and high jumper Dick Fosbury, who told why he had created the “Fosbury flop.” All gave kudos to the 40-year Olympic history of Colorado Springs for its part in their training, successes and medals.

Said Fleming, “I’m grateful for the life that was started right here.”

Luncheon organizers were Janet Suthers and Visit COS President/CEO Doug Price; event co-chairs were Vicki Dimond and Julie Boswell.

On the dream list are branded Olympic City USA gateway signs from the airport and on U.S. 24 for those coming into the city from the west.

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