The sunny “Come Walk With Me” breakfast Aug. 23 at the DoubleTree Hotel was a microcosm of Colorado Springs. The one common denominator: the 240 people eating together at the second annual Springs Recovery Connection benefit had a shared bond of and knowledge about substance abuse addiction.

“This is about the average family, the average neighborhood,” said one speaker.

There were warriors with years of long-term recovery who are now peer mentors to those beginning the “one step at a time” journey. There were family members supporting those in recovery and some mourning losses to addiction. There were those in support of friends and co-workers. There were representatives from other nonprofits and law enforcement agencies.

“An addict is not just the person. Everyone is involved,” said a speaker.

They shared common stories as they looked toward founder and Executive Director Cathy Plush’s vision of Colorado Springs becoming a “recovery friendly city.” Plush herself has a 28-year recovery and had a strong group of family members and neighbors there.

Attendees cheered the announcement that SRC is blazing a trail with UCHealth Memorial North, where the peer mentors are called to the emergency room when someone is brought in, a “person in need, lost and not knowing where to go forward” because of drugs, alcohol and addiction. Mentors who have walked the walk can be with them each step, helping them find resources, giving them a place to start.

SRC ( also works with the families, showing them they are not alone and helping them learn how to help their loved ones.


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