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A special collection of holiday ornaments supports the history and preservation of Colorado’s Governor’s Residence. 2020’s collection honors women’s right to vote. Order online: — Linda Navarro, The Gazette

Before the Governor’s Residence at the Boettcher Mansion became the official home to Colorado’s elected executive, it was a family dwelling. And for all but one month until the State of Colorado took ownership, women owned the home – namely Alice Cheesman and Edna Boettcher.

For generations, Colorado has been home to women leaders ahead of their time. When Colorado’s suffrage movement began in the 1870s, it gained great momentum with the support of Gov. John Routt, the state’s first governor.

In 1893, Colorado women were granted the right to vote as the Centennial State became one of the first states to enact women’s suffrage via popular referendum. Though a monumental victory, it’s important to note that women’s suffrage addressed gender discrimination but did not end other forms of disenfranchisement for women of color.

A quarter century later, the U.S. Congress would pass the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed and protected a woman’s constitutional right to vote. This ornament commemorates the 100th anniversary of this historic milestone. Colorado ratified the amendment on Dec. 15, 1920.

The Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund is proud to recognize this momentous occasion and commemorate the extraordinary contributions of women leaders historically in Colorado and the United States.

Ornaments may be ordered online now at for just $35, plus shipping. Visit for more information and to view the entire 12 ornament collection which is available for just $420.

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