Keep swirling your snow globes. Your escape to a winter fantasy in Colorado could come sooner than later.

Ice Castles, returning after a sensational debut in Dillon last year, is on track to open the weekend before Christmas, a company spokeswoman said.

The attraction wasn’t unveiled in Summit County until Dec. 28 last season, when creators waited until Dec. 5 to turn on the water that transforms into color-changing cathedrals. That was the season Coloradans remember as the winter that never was.

“Mother Nature has been our friend this month,” Ice Castles CEO Ryan Davis said in a news release Monday announcing the start of construction.

Artisans are expected to grow and harvest as many as 10,000 icicles. The icicles are stacked on top of each other, and water is sprayed, freezing to act as a mortar that keeps the walls and spires growing upwards of 30 feet. Technicolor LED lights are embedded as builders shape the wonderland.

Tens of thousands of people explored Ice Castles last year, meandering through passages to captivating rooms and fountains. Other locations this year include Midway, Utah; Excelsior, Minn.; Lincoln, N.H.; Lake Geneva, Wis.; and Edmonton, Alberta.

Space is limited. Advance ticket sales will be announced later.

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