David Martin at D&D Liquor in Manitou

David Martin, at D&D Liquor in Manitou Springs.

The coronavirus pandemic has left us all in uncharted waters, with no horizon in sight. But with businesses and schools closed, national pastimes on hold, and the traditional flow of life ground to a halt, one thing’s for sure:  We’re carrying on. With new worries and “social distancing” habits, but also with new perspectives and priorities. We're sharing several of your personal stories.

David Martin

If you go westbound down Manitou Avenue, to where the tourist shops fade and the bungalows emerge with the prayer flags and tapestry of the town's true hippie days, you'll come to D&D Liquor.

Home of the 99-cent shooter, the banner displays. "The friendliest liquor store in town."

And inside you'll find a man with flowing, silver hair and a Fu Manchu mustache, wearing a Western button-up and sitting behind the counter with his dog, Toponis, which is the name of the Colorado town his family came to four or five generations ago.

As for David Martin, he's a Manitou guy. Born here in 1962. A proud product of Woodstock, he says.

Here at D&D this evening, he plays George Jones and Johnny Cash. And business is booming.

The coronavirus pandemic has shut down bars and restaurants and many other places where people gather. But doors have been open at D&D.

"It's more than just selling alcohol," Martin says.

He's worked here the better part of a decade. Why? "The people," he says.

And it's about people now, as it was after the 2012 wildfire and the wicked floods that followed.

"That was one of my most emotional times," Martin says. "We were actually open that night. They tried to make us close, but I was here that night, and I stayed open. I was the only business in town open. And I'm glad I was."

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