MOVIE REVIEW: 'America: Imagine the World Without Her'

Jennifer Pearson stars as Hilary Clinton in "America: Imagine the World Without Her." Courtesy Lionsgate Films.

Starring Jennifer Pearson, Don Taylor, Russell W. Reed, Tina Fortune, John Koopman; directors Dinesh D'Souza and John Sullivan; running time 103 minutes; rated: PG-13 for some violent images; B


After scoring a surprise box office success with his "2016: Obama's America," an agitprop portrait of our current U.S. president as a "breathtakingly anti-American" radical, conservative author and sociopolitical commentator Dinesh D'Souza strikes again with "America: Imagine the World Without Her," a slick, sprawling celebration of American exceptionalism.

Drawing largely from his own published work, D'Souza offers a point-by-point response to historical revisionists, social activists and community organizers who want to define America as "a predatory colonial power" and dwell on such unpleasant topics as the decimation of Native Americans and the widening gap between rich and poor in a capitalist society.

To his credit, D'Souza gives screen time to a few interviewees - like Native American rights activist Charmaine White Face - who clearly aren't buying what he's selling. For the most part, however, D'Souza gives the impression of someone obsessed with whitewashing any and all dark chapters in U.S. history books.

Joe Leydon, Variety

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