A look at the history of the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

Late 1880s: Zalmon Simmons, inventor and founder of Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Co., rides to the summit of Pikes Peak on a mule but thought after the two-day trip that there should be a more comfortable and “civilized” way to make the trip. The owner of the hotel where he stayed suggested a train, and Simmons soon began planning and seeking capital for the project.

1889: Manitou and Pikes Peak Railway Co. is founded, and construction begins on the track. Six workers die in blasting and construction accidents during the next two years.

1890: Three engines are delivered from Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, and service begins to the Halfway House Hotel.

June 30, 1891: The first passenger train, carrying a church choir from Denver, makes it to the summit of Pikes Peak.

1925: Broadmoor hotel owner Spencer Penrose acquires the railway.

1939: Cog Railway switches from gas-powered to diesel-electric locomotives made by General Electric Co.

1964: Cog Railway switches to rail cars powered by self-contained engines; first rail car from Swiss Locomotive Works delivered.

1974: Swiss Locomotive Works delivers first 200-passenger rail car.

1989: Last 200-passenger rail car delivered.

2002: Cog Railway begins extending operating season, traditionally from late April or early May to late October or early November.

2007: The railway begins year-round operation.

Oct. 30, 2017: Cog Railway closes to catch up on maintenance with plans to reopen in late April or early May.

Tuesday: Broadmoor President and CEO Jack Damioli announces the Cog Railway won’t reopen and The Broadmoor will study whether to close permanently or rebuild and replace the trains, track, its depot and related facilities.

Source: www.cograilway.com and The Gazette archives

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